Soundproofing Wall System Services

If you have noisy family member or roommate, odds are you’ve thought about what it would be like to have soundproofed walls. Anything from loud talkers to musicians can disrupt the quiet you require, which is something our team understands plenty of people need. That’s why we offer soundproofing wall systems! Typical drywall merely muffles sound outside of any given room, and outdoor noise can also leak into your space if you live in a highly urban area.

Standard drywall is comprised of a solid core of gypsum, which makes drywall quite rigid. Because of this, sound waves will vibrate along the material and enable noise to pass through the wall and into your living space. Choosing to install a soundproof option will inhibit this from happening. The reason for this is that the solid gypsum core of standard drywall is replaced in soundproof options with a blend of gypsum, viscoelastic, and ceramics. These three materials work in unison to bar noise from passing through the wall.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself methods you can find on the internet, but the most effective option is installing specialized soundproof drywall. There are a few options on the market that successfully hinder noise in your home and have garnered a dependable reputation.

Our Soundproof Drywall Options Include:

QuietRock: An award-winning product made by a company who can say they were the first manufacturer of soundproof drywall. It is fireproof and is a great option when compared to other soundproof options.

QuietCoat: Manufactured by QuietRock, this product is great for those who are working with a more limited budget and cannot fully replace their drywall. This unique product is applied like paint and can inhibit noise from electronics and home appliances.

If you’re interested in implementing soundproof drywall in your home, please get in touch with us. For those working on a budget, we recommend sticking to a few selected rooms where privacy is very much needed. To review your options, call us at (774) 215-0187 or fill out an online contact form.