Plaster Veneer Finishing

Did you know that Veneer plaster finishing is uncommon to most of the United State except for the state of Massachusetts? Aside from Massachusetts, Ireland is also considered an area that uses plaster veneer finishing as a common finish for walls. Mass and Ireland us this technique as veneer finishes are considered best for renovating older homes as the veneer tends to closely resemble original walls. Veneer plaster finishing also is considered to provide a unique feel and texture that other drywall finishes just can’t offer.

Our team of drywall and plastering experts understand the process behind properly applying a veneer finish to your home’s drywall. With the proper tools and expertise, we are certain you will be satisfied with the end-product. See below some more of the advantages of Veneer plaster finishes and why they are a great option for your home!

Resistance to Moisture– After the veneer plaster is cured, it has the amazing ability to keep water from the initial layer of drywall. Just using traditional drywall on its own, opens the possibility for mildew and water damage, especially if the room or location of the home is naturally humid.

Durability- Veneer is known for is strength and durability. Due to its resistance to scuffs and scratches, this makes it a great low maintenance option for your finish.

Surface touch and flexibility– As mentioned before, plaster finish feel great the touch and you can see the texture of the surface open inspection. Additionally, if the plain white veneer doesn’t match the color scheme you are looking for, various tints can be added creating the color you desire.

Simple, quicker and safer– From start to finish, assuming no issues when applying, a plaster veneer finish generally take less time than other conventional drywall finish methods. Veneer also doesn’t require sanding like most drywall finishing, which creates dust airborne dust particles. These are dangerous to breathe in and respiration masks and equipment are 100% necessary if installing drywall that requires sanding.

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