Plaster Restoration

When we create estimates for jobs, there are cases where a restoration makes more sense than a full-blown replacement of plaster. We offer this to our clients as it can help them save money and it can also ease the time we spend in your home or business. Learn more about how and why we go about plaster restoration!

Historic homes -If you are considering upgrading the appearance of your historic home, we encourage those to restore rather than replace plaster drywall! Not only will it be less invasive to your home’s structural integrity, but it will also save time and money. We have had some clients say “We are going to replace the plumbing and electrical so won’t it be easier for the electricians and plumbers if just to replace the drywall?” Most plumbing and electricians have experience in saving original plaster wall and taking out only a section of drywall to gain access to the interior of your walls with minimal damage. We can then come in and cover over the section making it look good as new.

Fixing holes- If you experience damage in the form of your drywall, we can use the same techniques used to cover up holes used for interior wall work to fix holes! This is much more cost efficient and with our years of experience, the hole will appear to have never existed.

Cleaning Restoration -Does your plaster drywall seems to have seen better days? From scuffs, small impressions, and even discoloration from smoke or years of use, we can restore the drywall back to its original glory. Using special cleaning products designed for plaster, we can clean and recover your plaster finish while maintaining the design of the room.

Here at Galway Concepts, we are proud to offer Plaster Restoration to our clients in addition to the other capabilities and services we offer! We offer free estimates and will work with you to understand the best drywall and finishing options for your home or business. Call 774-215-0187 or leave an inquiry on our contact us page to learn more!