Metal Framing

In addition to providing our clients with traditional wooden framing, we also offer metal framing options. We have seen the use of Metal framing becoming more prevalent today within commercial and residential settings. As metal framing became increasingly popular, we expanded our capabilities to offer this service to our clients. We have sought out the best metal framing provider in the area in addition to adding members to the Galway Concepts Team who have real, practical metal framing experience.

Advantages of Metal Framing

Again, metal framing can offer a few advantages in certain situations over a traditional wooden framing option. See the list below of reason you may want to consider metal framing for your next project involving the addition of drywall!

Installation– With metal framing being lighter and taking up less space, this can make it an easier material to work with during installation. The metal framing is also attached with screws so if the person makes a mistake during installation it can be easily fixed.

Stability & Strength– Metal Framing consists of hardened, re-enforced steel making it stronger than wood. Metal also takes much longer to break down due elements in comparison to wood that can be affected by water and humidity.

Cost– While not the case in every circumstance, Metal framing can sometimes be the most cost-efficient option. This also incorporates some savings from an insurance and tax perspective. If you are considering Metal Framing and have questions regarding pricing, our team at Galway Concepts can provide a more in-depth explanation.

Galway Concepts Metal Framing Solutions

If you are considering Metal Framing or any one of the services Galway Concepts offers our clients and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach out directly to our office at 774-215-0187 or fill out a convenient online contact form! We look forward to hearing from and being your trusted drywall partner for your home or business upgrade or renovation.