Drywall Installation Services

A staple in practically every home across the United States, drywall is an excellent home construction resource. Derived from gypsum, a mineral, drywall is both portable and lightweight. Not only that, but it’s also fire resistant. The latter is what makes it such an ideal building material, especially for residences. While useful and practical, drywall is not a super hearty material. It can get damaged at times and homeowners may find themselves struggling with repairing it in a wholly tasteful manner.

Drywall repair is better left to drywall specialists, like our stellar crew here at Galway Construction Concepts for example. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to get your drywall damage uniform with the rest of your walls, utilize our services for pristine repair.

Our Drywall Services Include:

– Drywall Installation: Installing drywall from the ground up is much more complicated process than you might think. To start, we’ll measure your space to ensure the drywall is cut to appropriate specifications. From there, we’ll put the drywall in place with appropriately sized screws and ensure none of your walls inner workings are disturbed in the process, like your plumbing or electrical.

– Drywall Taping: Installing drywall isn’t the last step. Taping drywall is one of the final parts of the installation process and involves taping the edges of drywall, so they can be prepped for mud application. Applying mud to drywall must be done carefully and smoothed out appropriately. We’ll sand everything down to ensure an even finish across the board. If mud is applied improperly, or in a poor fashion, it can clump up and make walls appear bumpy and uneven.

– Replacements & Patches: While enough to make up the walls of your home, drywall can be damaged. If you have a wall, or walls, that have been dented or chipped, they can be patched up by drywall professionals. This involves applying a layer of joint compound to the damaged wall area, administering a patch or mesh tape, and then going over the area with a few more layers of joint compound to ensure neither the wall damage or patch are visible.

If you’re in need of expert drywall installation, replacement, or repair, please contact our team at Galway Construction Concepts. You can reach us at 774-215-0187 or by filling out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!